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Get one free home inspection, (Up to $450 value), when you buy your new home with Hanke Realty Group as your buyer's agent. You may choose your own inspector or use one of the approved inspectors on our list. The cost of the inspection up to $450

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Hanke Realty Group knows the house you ultimately choose to call home will play a major role in your family's life. A home can be an excellent investment, of course; but more importantly, it should fit the way you really live with spaces and features that appeal to every one in the family.

Both new and older homes offer distinct advantages, depending upon your unique taste and lifestyle. New homes generally have more space in the rooms where today's families do their living, like a family room or activity area. They're usually easier to maintain, too. However, many homes built years ago offer more total space for the money as well as larger yards. Taxes on some older homes may also be lower. Some people are charmed by the elegance of an older home but shy away because they're concerned about potential maintenance costs. 

Once you start looking at homes fitting your criteria you will most likely find that there are elements you like and elements you do not. We will focus on both and do our very best to present you with as many home options as possible.

Hanke Realty Group customizes our home searches to each customer. As we get to know you better, we will zoom in on the property that will fit you for years to come.

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